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御徒町タイマッサージ センサバイ タイ古式マッサージ トップイメージ

Welcome to Saen Sabai

Thai Massage in Tokyo Ueno Okachimachi

Thank you for visiting "Saen Sabai Traditional Thai Massage" website, a Thai massage shop in the Ueno Okachimachi district. "Saen Sabai Traditional Thai Massage" is a 1-minute walk from JR Yamanote line's "Okachimachi" station, 2-minute walk from Toei Oedo line's "Ueno Naka-Okachimachi" station, 1-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya line's "Naka-Okachimachi" station, and a 4-minute walk from Ginza line's "Ueno Hirokoji" station. The Thai massage shop located in Ueno, Taito City, Tokyo.

"Saen Sabai Traditional Thai Massage" in Ueno / Okachimachi is based on the image of a Thai luxury spa. The treatment room is spacious, and there is also an Akasuri / foam wash room. Beautiful native staff from Thailand, the country of smiles, who have high skills and experience in Thai traditional massage are waiting for your visit.

The smiles and kindness of Thai women, the country of smiles will make you feel radiant from the stress of everyday life. Forget the busy Tokyo life and enjoy a relaxing time. We are open for both men and women. If you work or live in Ueno, Okachimachi, or Yushima, or if you are shopping in the area, please feel free to visit us.




Our therapists are all Thai women, so both men and women can visit with confidence.
Beautiful staff from Thailand, the country of smiles, are waiting for your visit.​ * An additional 1,000 yen will be charged for staff requests.



御徒町 タイマッサージ センサバイ タイ古式マッサージ タイマッサージ

Traditional Thai Massage


One of the traditional medicines that has been handed down from ancient times in Thailand. It is a massage with a high relaxing effect that is performed with a slow rhythm. By stimulating the energy lines called "Sen" that flow through the body with the fingers, elbows, knees, and soles, the effect of activating the body and enhancing the natural healing power can be obtained.

60 min ¥6,000
90 min ¥9,000
120 min ¥12,000
Extend 30 min ¥3,000
上野 タイマッサージ センサバイ タイ古式マッサージ センサバイコース

Saen Sabai Course

​センサバイ コース

Our recommended course. Combining Thai traditional massage and oil massage, lymph drainage activates the flow of lymph to collect and discharge foreign substances and waste products that are unnecessary for the human body. When the therapist's technique restores the lymph to its original flow, the cells' life is restored and rejuvenated.

70 min ¥11,000

90 min ¥13,000

120 min ¥16,000

Extend 30 min ¥4,000

上野 タイマッサージ センサバイ タイ古式マッサージ アロマオイルマッサージ

Aroma Oil Massage


Thai style oil massage techniques using hand and forearms. The oil  supplies oxygen to the skin cells, promote cutaneous respiration and promote normal metabolism. It is recommended for those who are concerned about keratin and dry skin, as it can moisturize the skin and make it soft and lively. We use high quality oil. Shower is also included in the price. 

60 min ¥8,000

90 min ¥11,000

120 min ¥14,000

Extend 30 min ¥4,000

上野タイマッサージ センサバイ タイ古式マッサージ アカスリ・泡洗体

Body Scrub & Wash Course


Akasuri or Korean style body scrub promotes metabolism and prevents body odor generated by skin oil, waste products, and bacteria, and makes your body refreshed and refreshing. Moderate irritation to the skin also improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Carefully refresh your back, which is difficult to reach during normal bath time. Foam wash enhances metabolism and prevents body odor and aging odor.

80 min ¥14,000

100 min ¥16,000

120 min ¥18,000

Extend 30 min ¥4,000

Staff Requests: 1,000 JPY

御徒町 タイマッサージ センサバイ タイ古式マッサージ History Background Image

History of Traditional Thai Massage

Over the course of many centuries, people living in the villages and temples of Thailand developed a unique type of interactive body-work called Nuad Phaen Boran (Traditional style massage) or Nuat Thai (Thai Massage). 


It is based on the principles if compassion and healing, and it is an amazing synthesis of many different techniques, among them acupressure, stretching, reflexology, herbal medicine, prayer, and meditation. 


Traditional Thai Massage tones the muscles, increases the joints range of motion and balances the flow of energy throughout the body. 


The lineage is traced to Jivaka Komalaboat, also known as Shivago, the personal physician to the Sangha, a friend and physician to the Buddha and renowned as a healer in Buddhist tradition.


Based on a combination of influences from India, China and indigenous Thai traditions, Traditional Thai Medical arts have been handed down through generations, mostly through oral tradition and is practiced across Thailand in various forms today. 

Thai Massage



Open Daily


Tel: 080-6413-2456
5−24−2 Maru Bldg. 2F, Ueno, Taito City, Tokyo, Japan
Google Maps

JR Yamanote Line "Okachimachi" Station 1min walk

Tokyo Metro Hibuya Line "Naka-Okachimachi" Station 1min walk

Toei Oedo Line "Ueno-Okachimachi" Station 2min walk

Tokyo Metro Ginza Line "Ueno-Hirokoji" Station 4min walk